Day-trading Secrets Exposed!

Every single day, in each stockmarket around the globe, amazingly profitable opportunities happen, whether the markets are going down or up. An elect band of market makers constantly earn thousands of dollars each day trading these comparatively risk-free high-probability trades. The remainder of the market, naturally, pays for their wins. If you’ve tried playing the markets, you may already have come to the opinion that there’s an ‘in-crowd’ who make enormous profits at the expense of everybody else.

Maybe you have spotted the way the market will all of a sudden ( and for no obvious reason ) turn on a penny and shoot off, leaving your position desperately underwater? Or just about as bad, all of a sudden run away leaving you no opportunity to take part, although you were had already realised what was going to occur? How would you like to know in advance when this was going to happen? We’ll take the S&P Index as an example.

Taking a look at the chart on the link below, you can see that price oscillated up and back down for most of the day, rebounding off the red line numerous times, before it ultimately broke through and ran for the skies. What would you say if I was to tell you that you could easily have known the position of that red line the day before? That you could also have known the day before where the market would be sure to ‘top out’? Accept it or not, with this phenomenal daytrading technique, you can know these levels and more, well before the opening of the market, giving you lots of time to prepare for the action. Wish to know more?